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The Missionary African Universal Church, Inc. (MAUC)​ Jacksonville, FL U.S.A. was founded by ​Princess Laura Adorkor Kofi (Kofey/Koffey) of Asofa Ghana, formerly know as Gold Coast West Africa. God called Princess Kofi, affectionately known as Mother Kofi, to travel to the Americas with a mission. Her calling was to  not only teach African Slave Descendants  of  His works and re-connect them with Native Africans, but to also promote business, trade and a better relationship between Africa and the Americas.

 The MAUC was founded by Mother Kofi in 1927. She named her church but was murdered before she could establish the constitution. However, as she prophesied, Reverend Dr. E. B. Nyombolo, affectionately known as Lil' Brother, of Pondoland South Africa composed the constitution to govern the church. This​ constitution is and shall forever remain in place. 

Our  mission is to continue Mother's Teachings and "carry on" the church as outlined in the constitution  designed by Lil' Brother. Despite all the toils and snares, we continue to stay strong in Jesus' name. The Missionary African Universal Church, Inc.​ is and shall always remain headquarters (The Ile Ife) as established by Mother Kofi. Please note the MAUC is not affiliated with any other African Universal Churches or entities who may proclaim to be thereof at this time. 

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