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"Smite The Shepherd And The Sheep Shall Be Scattered..." (Zec 13:7)

MOTHER SAID:  If I Should Fall, God Promised Someone Out of Africa Will Come To T​ake Up My Work…


Carry on To Victory


 After the wicked ones murdered Mother Kofi, her children (followers/members) scattered.  Anyone who could preach, sing, pray conduct speeches did so. We have seen leaders come and have seen them go, we have also seen our native African brothers come and we have seen them go in our Mother's Church/Program.  There also rose up numerous divisions and splits.  There were persecutions from within and without and we

were leaderless until our native African brother, Reverend Dr. E. B. Nyombolo was caused to reside here (Jacksonville, Florida U.S.A.) and work for the advancement of Mother Kofi's Church.

 Si Ya Bulela Kakulu (We are Thankful Very Much) for our late Pastor, Senior Territorial Director , Chief Interpreter of Mother's Words, Teacher, etc. and one of our main Spiritual guides, the Reverend Dr. E. B. Nyombolo (affectionately known as Lil' Brother) of Pondoland South Africa.  Due to his tireless research, travels and personal interviews with the original followers of Mother Kofi we are able to continue God's work/mission He gave Mother Kofi through Jesus Christ. During the late 1920's, 30's, 40's and continuing, God used no other person to take the time Lil' Brother did to record​ the story of Mother Kofi.  Through his successful efforts, others are able to reference his work in their own research of the late Princess.

In addition, God used Lil' Brother to continue Mother Kofi's work as she prophesied that "If I should fall, God promised that someone out of Africa would come and take up my work." Mother Kofi never met Lil' Brother however, she was able to describe him as "a little, little man, him little but mighty loud!" He too endured persecution, intimidation and murder threats so much so that he also required to have a body guard.  


Who is 'Lil' Brother'?

    Lil' Brother was born in Pondoland South Africa in the early 1900's. His lineage dates back to the renowned Zulu tribe chief, Tshaka.  Lil' Brother was born to God fearing parents who instilled both religious and educational core values. Lil Brother's later plight in becoming a key religious leader can be credited to his father, Chalmers Nyombolo, one of the founding fathers of the African Native Congress (ANC) and the Ethiopian Church later amalgamated into the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) of South Africa.  As a very young adult, Lil' Brother became the Provincial Secretary of the African National Congress and a Churchman of a distinct tribal background in a family internationally known among the pioneers of religious, educational, civic and economic advancement among the Bantu-speaking people of Southern Africa. While in Africa, Lil' Brother learned several languages -including English and Dutch- and also earned his undergraduate degree before arriving to the United States.


Still a young adult, Lil' Brother later went to the United States to obtain his post graduate degree and to teach.  He was one of the key leading members and officer of the Native African Union of America Inc. (NAUA).  In America, he had been a nationally known religious writer, speaker, Churchman and President of the NAUA Inc. One of his objectives was to better the life of African descendants at home and abroad as with many leaders of a given race. He also sought better relations between mankind like so many other great leaders.  


It was after one of his many speeches when some dedicated followers of Mother Kofi approached and informed him of the Princess.  Being of the NAUA, Lil' Brother knew of most Africans that entered into the United States however, he had no record of Princess Kofi. He informed the followers that there were no Africans that traveled to the U.S. that he didn't know about.  Being the inquisitive person that he was, he began to conduct a search of this mystery 'African' woman.  With directions from God, Lil' Brother was able to confirm through correspondence with Mother Kofi's father, King Knesipi, that she was not only from Africa but that she was his daughter thus making her a princess. 


God continued to work on and with Lil' Brother and he began to retrace Mother Kofi's paths.  Already being a Christian, retracing Mother's Kofi's steps and knowing how God works, he became captivated with the teachings of this Woman of God and he too became a follower. He compiled much of the records and information found today of Mother Kofi by obtaining original documents, pictures and documenting interviews with original followers of Mother Kofi. Through his due diligence, others were and are able to quote from his findings and use his work as a guide/reference to Mother Kofi's compelling story.


Continuing Mother's Program


After being approached by Mother Kofi's followers and becoming engrossed with her program, it did not take long for Lil' Brother to revive existing branches that she started and create new ones. These churches were located in the states of Alabama, Florida and in various areas of West, South and Central Africa.  He ensured the church in Jacksonville, FL U.S.A. (MAUC) was headquarters (Ile Ife) in order to stay in accordance with Mother Kofi's plan.


Lil' Brother accomplished a great deal during his time in Mother Kofi's church.  Through his leadership the MAUC sent African American Industrial Pioneers to West Africa, established a private church school and taught his native language (Bantu/Xhosa/Pondo/Zulu) to members. Lil' Brother also wrote the vocabulary and primer books of his native language with the aid of his father's simple key system.  He published the constitution, creed, order of services (bilingual), hymns​, was Chief Director of the Ile Ife business office where he managed any and all issues pertaining to Mother Kofi's church.  He began plans for an African based university, the Ile Ife Institute, maintained relationships with key leaders in Africa, found a community, Adorkaville, in the Princess' honor and many more.


As with Mother Kofi, the sheep scattered after Lil' Brother passed.  After many years these churches eventually severed themselves from the MAUC.  However, many use Lil' Brother's publications that are solely for the MAUC and its subparts. Lil' Brother's works were strictly for the MAUC in accordance with the teachings and prophecies of Mother Kofi as given by God to her. ​​​​​Although others that are not connected to the MAUC have used his publications for their various reasons, we know in due season God will rectify this situation.

Pursuant to his request, Lil' Brother is buried in Daphne Alabama, U.S.A.  Each year memorial services are held in Jacksonville, FL as well as a pilgrimage to Daphne, Alabama by the MAUC.  We proclaim that we are doing as he taught; "to carry on" Mother's Program as directed by the Most High God in Jesus' Name.​   

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