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Please find below answers to frequently asked questions

How can I find out more information about Princess Kofi, her church and/ or Adorkaville?

Please contact us directly with any questions or concerns at


​Is the Missionary African Universal Church, Inc. still an active organization?

 ​​Yes, most definitely​.


Did Princess Kofi join the UNIA?

Although she was a dynamic influence, we have no record of her joining the organization.


Was anyone prosecuted for the  Princess' murder? 

Two men were arrested, however, they were acquitted. No one has served any earthly time in prison for her death.


Is headquarters and Princess Kofi's church one in the same?

Yes. They each reference the Missionary African Universal Church, Inc.

Why was Reverend Dr. E. B. Nyombolo also called 'Lil' Brother'?

As God revealed to Mother Kofi, her successor would be male and small in stature. Thus he was given the nick name 'Lil' Brother'.


Is the property known as 'Adorkaville' owned by the city of Jacksonville?

No. The property is privately owned by the MAUC.


Who is the Adorkaville Restoration Group?

The Adorkaville Restoration Group (ARG) is an auxiliary of the MAUC. The ARG is committed to the revitalization of the historical homes on the valuable site as well as preserve its rich history.

Do you provide tours of the property?

We provide tours on a case by case basis. Please contact us should you wish to visit.

How may I become a member?

We welcome interested prospects to contact us for details.


Do you provide speeches?

Please contact us for details.

 I would like to write a paper/novel/ use this information for research. Is this permissible?

We do not authorize any reproduction of information disclosed on this site. Please contact us to discuss. 

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