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Swift Messenger Of The Most High God!

“ He Maketh His Ministers A Flame of Fire.” (Heb 1:7)


The Beginning

Since our Lord came to Earth and ascended into Heaven, there have been men and women throughout the ages who suffered, bled and died teaching the way of life here on earth in Jesus' Name. These men and women were of various races and we find that part of their labors were devoted to the race-groups to which they belonged.  There was Luther of  Germany, Wesley of England, Patrick of Ireland and many others working first among their own group of people. Today each of these races continue to remember gratefully these men and women as their own Saints who struggled for their advancement in the ways of the abundant life here on earth through Jesus Christ our Lord.

This  This brings us to a Saint of the African race who came unto us in our times.  She, Princes Laura Adorkor Kofi (Kofey/Koffey), too, like the Saints of yesterday, came unto her own and suffered martyrdom teaching her people the way to the abundant life here on earth in Jesus' Name.

​ Out of Africa came Princess Laura Adorkor Kofi, affectionately known as Mother Kofi, of Ghana (Asofa) West Africa. God called Mother Kofi to go to the Americas to preach and teach His Word and reveal to African Slave Descendants that they need to rekindle their relationship with their brothers and sisters in Africa mostly through trade and commerce. However, Mother Kofi did not want to go to the U.S.;  1- She could not speak the English language as eloquent as others; same excuse Moses tried to use. 2- She was a woman. 3- She could not see herself speaking to a live audience. She was so adamantly against coming to America that she traveled from place to place in Africa to get away from God (so she thought).  God finally afflicted her with a deadly illness until she accepted His call; " Here am I, Lord send me."


Arrives to the U.S.A.

 Mother Kofi reached the United States from Africa through Europe, Canada and across the border into the northern cities of the United States. She first visited and spoke in churches in the north in areas such as Chicago, Illinois, Detroit, Michigan and New York City attracting large audiences who were impressed with her message. In all her speaking appearances, she would introduce herself by saying, "I Am A Representative from the Gold Coast (Ghana) of West Africa, Seeking the Welfare of Africa's Children Everywhere. Your Kings and Leaders of Africa Who Are Your Blood Brothers and Sisters Have Also Given Me A Message To Ask You! They Say, You Have Been A Long Time Away From Home. Why Have You Not Made Preparations to Come Home?  They Say If You Want to Come Home, Let Us Know and If You Don't Want To Come Let Us Know.  They Say, in the Gold Coast (Ghana) of West Africa There Is A Door (To All Africa) Open To You and A Hearty Welcome Waiting For You There." 

Additionally, being a Spiritual woman in her message MOTHER SAID:  Children, Don't See Me, SEE the Christ-Spirit That Is Working In and Through Me To You....MOTHER SAID:  If God Leaves Me, I AM NOTHING.  He Is Only Using Me as an Instrument. It Is He That Is Speaking Through Me To You!   Mother Kofi was the talk of many towns.  She had a dynamic, energetic and magnetic personality.  Crowds followed her because she taught and explained the Holy Bible revealing in plain words the hidden meaning of difficult prophetic passages in Scriptures.  Others followed her because they said she lived a CLEAN LIFE in the sight of God and man.  She was equally known as a PRAYING YOUNG WOMAN  and through her prayers healed the sick and improved the conditions of her children in their struggles for the Christ-Life and life more abundantly here on earth.  She welcomed and never was too busy to take more time with those who were in less fortunate circumstances than others. Many others followed her because she taught them about God, self respect and about their MOTHERLAND AFRICA.

Mother Kofi always​ spoke from the Bible. She taught about God and Jesus and that serving God was first and foremost ​​if her people were going​ to be redeemed. She presented her program (business ventures with Africa​ and the Americas​) to various Churches in northern U.S.A, however, they did not accept her proposition.  Although she spoke in churches attracting large audiences who were impressed with her message, the ministers refused to accept the program that her 'Old Man God' sent her to bring to her race of people in the U.S.A. She ultimately worked with Marcus Garvey's organization, The Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), after being approached by an UNIA representative. She then presented her program to the UNIA, who accepted. From here, she concentrated her works to the south in states such as Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. Her message single handedly increased the dwindling memberships of the UNIA.  Mother Kofi went further south to the state of Florida in cities such as Tampa, St. Petersburg, West Palm Beach, Miami and Jacksonville. Other large numbers of people were banding themselves together awaiting her appearance in other cities including Folkston, Savannah and other points in the state of Georgia.


Plot for Murder

While speaking in the south, many of Mother Kofi's appearances on behalf of the UNIA were not only at their functions, but were also at local churches. When Mother Kofi refused to charge admission fees for people to hear her speak and would not fall in line with the many commercial schemes black misleaders presented to her to gain money from the people, she, instead, preached against them using the Word (Bible) that cut as a two-edged sword. Therefore, black misleaders began to carry out their plans against Mother Kofi. They became envious of her mass following and popularity. The ugly Satanic Spirit of Jealousy became DANGEROULSY busy, hatching, planning, and plotting. Some of these plots included deportation and arrests. Ministerial Alliances in Alabama and Florida voted to ​condemn her. When these options did not work, the last resort was murder. Ministers and leaders vowed that "THAT WOMAN MUST GO! ​” Consequently, guards were hired to protect Mother Kofi as threats were put out on her life.


After her final arrest in Jacksonville, FL for being accused of carrying 'roots' for which she was stripped searched (none found) ​ and after having the UNIA, ministers and leaders against her, Mother Kofi desperately wanted to return to her home, Africa. However, God revealed that to stay and fulfill His will or to go and escape, an untimely death awaited. He also revealed that she would need to establish her own church and run her program (business) through her church.  After this revelation, Mother Kofi faced a dilemma​​. She said " If I stay (America) it is death, and if I go (Africa) it is death." After much prayer, Mother Kofi decided to obey His will and knew she would have to die for her Program.

In 1927, Mother Kofi established her church in the following places: Mobile, Alabama; Jacksonville, Florida; Tampa, Florida; St. Petersburg, Florida; West Palm Beach, Florida and Miami, Florida.  She was impressed by Jacksonville's port and declared it as headquarters. She named her church the African Universal Church and Commercial League, later named Koffey African Universal and finally the Missionary African Universal Church, Inc.

The Last Days 

Jesus came to lead the hearts of all men back to the one and only Jehovah, God that man might have life and life more abundantly. For this service he was hated of the leads of His time who ended His mission with the print of nails in His hands and feet and a wound in His side—in those days the death of only murderers and criminals.

Laura Adorkor Kofi likewise refusing to surrender or compromise, endured persecutions intimidations and imprisonments at the instigation of Sadducees, Pharisees, Scribes, Priests and Elders of her day and who finally ended her short mission, her glorious life of service criminally ended as only gangsters and racketeers can.

On a final trip to Miami, there was a plot to murder Mother Kofi by automobile while traveling. However, this execution was unsuccessful as Mother Kofi asked God to "Take me in the presence of my children that they may be witnesses that I went down for them."

On the night of March 8, 1928, Mother Kofi was addressing her audience and as knowing she would pay the price that night, she ordered her guard to be seated. It was not long afterward while speaking from St. John the 14th chapter, a bullet unerringly aimed through the crack of the door near the guard broke the peaceful quiet and fatally pierced her in the head. She went down preaching the Gospel of Truth and Righteousness and refusing to Surrender or Compromise.


The Burial

7,000 followed her funeral procession as reported in daily newspapers. From Miami to West Palm Beach (66 miles) where another Funeral Service was held. From there the Body was transported by Undertaker coach accompanied by motorcade to the city of Jacksonville, Florida U.S.A.

Her body was draped in silk linen in a steel casket and many paid .25 cents to view her body. The Daily Newspaper further reported that over 10,000 attended the final exercises held at the Duval Cemetery in Jacksonville, FL on August 17, 1928. Her body lies in a Mausoleum especially built by her followers for the purpose. Each year services are held at the Cemetery on the afternoon of her assassination date by the MAUC.


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