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A  Plot to Kill Our Mother


In order to “kill” her Program, meaning her teachings, the Wicked Class of our Leaders now decided to get rid of her.  Something had to be done especially since the Authorities would not find her guilty.  Something had to be done because the people were deserting their churches and flocking to this woman.  If they spoke against her in their Church-pulpits, the people would simply quit in alarming numbers and enroll their names with their “Mother”.  THE UGLY SATANIC SPIRIT OF JEALOUSY GOT DANGEROUSLY BUSY, HATCHING, PLANNING, PLOTTING.

Many of them called Special Secret Meetings and raised more money needed to bribe a Judas to commit the crime.  It costs money to bribe an agent of satan to do other people’s dirty work.  But Mother’s Old Man God had already showed her all these things, and though her children did not understand, she began telling them “ALL I HAVE ASKED OLD MAN GOD IS TO TAKE ME IN THE PRESENCE OF MY CHILDREN THAT THEY BE WITNESSES THAT I WENT DOWN FOR THEM.”

One plot, which failed, was to meet her car and the company that was with her near a creek on a lonely spot on the old highway to Miami.  This old highway was still much in use in those days.  The plan was to cause an accident which would wreck the car, kill her and then let her body go down the river.  The others in the car would be too injured to know what and how it happened and the misleaders would then be able to say that during the wreck her body fell in the river and she was drowned.  As her car approached the fork of the two highways to Miami, she ordered the driver to take the new highway, and so was this expensive plot foiled.

ON THE NIGHT OF THE ASSASSINATION (March 8, 1928), about the hour of 9p.m., Africa’s Mother was already addressing her multitude of followers in the hall in Miami.  As if knowing she was to pay the price that night, she ordered the guard at the side-door near the rostrum, from whence the bullet later was to come, to be seated.  It was not long afterward while speaking from the Gospel According to Saint John 14; when a bullet unerringly aimed through a crack of the same door, broke the peaceful quiet whizzing its deathly way to the rostrum and fatally pierced her temple.   



Mother said: No man taketh my life, I give up my life that I may take it up again.


Though dead, she lives with Christ Jesus, and we will continue to march on to Victory! Her Program (church) lives on!

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