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Latest from the City of Jacksonville in the State of Florida, USA                   July 9, 2015

And the Lord shall inherit Judah his portion in the holy land, and shall choose Jerusalem again.  Be Silent, O All Flesh, Before the Lord: for He is Raised Up Out of His Holy Habitation (Zech 2:12-13) take care of His Adorkaville.

The city of Jacksonville Municipal Code Compliance in the state of Florida (USA) has sent a “FINAL NOTICE 60 DAY PAST DUE” bill for the destruction of our buildings only 2 ½ months later (click here to view).  This adds insult to the harm they have already caused.  The city of Jacksonville still insists on causing more harm by sending these bills.  It appears the public servants of the government in this city are determined to continue and try to erase any evidence of the rich history of the church community, Adorkaville.


The God we serve is not foolish and we are not foolish as we serve this True Living God. Nothing in His world occurs that God does not allow to occur.  God knows why, how, when, and in the order He will allow things to happen.  What's happening on Adorkaville is similar to the children of Israel. Especially the Tribe of Judah in the book of Jeremiah as well as Ezra, Zechariah and many others.

We as True Kofi-ites (followers of Mother Kofi) will keep fighting to keep Adorkaville, with the continued help and guidance from the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob who

is the same God Mother Kofi taught us to serve. Jesus also said what will happen when the least of his are harmed.(St. Luke 17:1-2). Jesus will take care of it. We will forever acknowledge the late Leader, Pastor and founder of Adorkaville, Lil’ Brother, who left directions to “carry on.” 


Note- It is not only the public servants of the City of Jacksonville that are attacking Adorkaville and wish to have it for themselves.  We have a multitude of enemies and perpetrators. Example ( 37m:32s. Youtube "Bringing in the SPRING J'ville Community Celebration!". Full of erroneous information and had no prior permission to be on private property; in other words they were trespassing.)

To be continued…

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