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Special Prayer-Honoring Black History Month                    February 28, 2015

We give thanks to Almighty God, Father of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. Thou who didst create all nations, races and kindred tribes of mankind to dwell upon the face of the earth, according to nations and countries to live one with the other. So humbly and sincerely thankful unto Thee for Thy Bible and Modern Day Prophets, Apostles and all Thy Martyrs and Saints who Thou hath ordained to be chosen vessels of Thou Grace. Messengers of Thou Wondrous Love and Lights of the world, in their several generations.

We are sincerely thankful for our Martyred Saint and Prophetess, Africa’s Adorkor of Blessed Memory. Through Thy word she (Mother Kofi) taught us race pride and how to love and live together in Thou world in harmony within our race as well as with other nationalities.   We will continue to strive to save our precious gift from Thou, Adorkaville, which is dedicated to Thee in honor of Mother Kofi.

To Thee again, we give thanks for those listed above as well as those from the Atlantic Slave Trade to present time.  These vessels either endured and/or fought against enslavement and helped teach us that all races can learn, live and help one another. Thank You God for Black History Month.


“… For I will defend this city (Adorkaville) to save it for My own sake and for my servant David (Lil’ Bro) sake.” (II King 19:34)

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