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Mayibuye! / Holy Greetings!​

FIKASLE! (Welcome!) to the official site of the Missionary African Universal Church, Inc. Jacksonville, Florida U.S.A.. Here you will find information as to who we are, details of our late founder, Princess Laura Adorkor Kofi (Kofey/Koffey), and the community founded in her honor. We pray this information is insightful, moving, and beneficial to Believers in God through Jesus Christ as well to Non-Believers. To Non-Believers, we pray one day you too will become a Believer.


Please note: This information would not be possible if it were not for the tireless and successful efforts of the Reverend Dr. E. B. Nyombolo, successor to the late Princess. We give honor to God through His Son Jesus Christ for using such dedicated and loyal Christians such as the Martyred Evangelist Prophetess Princess Laura Adorkor Kofi (Kofey/Koffey) of Ghana West Africa and the Rev. Dr. E. B. Nyombolo of Pondoland South Africa.


 In addition, to our Cloud of Witnesses (Heb 12:1), we honor our Dearly Departed Saints (Ancestors) who helped blaze the trail and kept the Faith and who to us Always Living Forever More in Christ Jesus. To the Host of Them, we say Enkosi (Thank You)!

Nkosi Sikelela i-Amelika!                                                                                                            Nkosi Sikelela i-Afrika!

God Bless America!                                                                                                                            God Bless Africa!​

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